Augment The power of your people. 

Augment the power of your People. 


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Our Analytics-as-a-Service solution leverages state-of-the-art data science to automate the hard jobs and augments your organization’s most scarce resource: its people.


Days to minutes time reduction for market insight

100x more visibility into supply chains

1,000s of man-hours saved annually, for a fraction of the cost


202 Group brings an early warning capability to government program management and acquisition. The most critical government programs rely on 202 Group for industrial base illumination, supply chain risk management and monitoring, and technology sensing to enable rapid innovation.

Supply Chain Risk Management

202 Group provides early warning for operational and national security risk for acquisition program managers. Our solution persistently monitors vendors and their supply chains for material events across six categories: Governance, Operations, People, Financial, Geographic, and Cyber Risk. Our early warning capability is the “tip of the spear” for acquisition program protection.

Industrial Base Illumination

The 202 Group helps government better understand its ecosystem of suppliers and the technologies they offer. Our holistic approach to Industrial Base illumination can help government find non-traditional providers of cutting-edge technologies, analyze alternate sources of supply, and monitor the health of vital sectors within the National Industrial Base. Our deep analysis of programs and sectors maps vendors and their relationships at the fifth or sixth tier.

Data Analytics

202 Group offers a pragmatic, data science-driven approach to solving business and operational problems. We design data architectures, collection processes, transformations, algorithms, and analytics solutions for a wide range of government applications. We take an agile and iterative approach to deliver actionable results.

Aerospace & Defense and Industrial Manufacturing

Aerospace & Defense (A&D) and Industrial Manufacturing clients face dynamic markets, increased competition and ever more complex supply chains. 202 Group solutions help strategic planners, capture teams and program managers uncover market trends, gain insights on competitors, illuminate supply chains and conduct diligence on vendors and partners.

Market Intelligence and Technology Sensing

202 Group enables business leaders and strategic planers to make data-driven decisions. Our Analytics-as-a-Service offering features highly customized market taxonomies that allow companies to understand how leading technologies, emerging competitors, and evolving customer preferences shape their business.

Persistent Competitive Intelligence

202 Group’s persistent CI solution uses state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing techniques to monitor the behavior of key competitors. Our solution scours millions of sources to highlight the events that can shape the outcome of a bid or determine a long-term strategic position in the market.

Program Supply Chain Analysis

202 Group helps A&D and Industrial clients optimize the performance of their programs by proactively managing supply chain risk, performing cost analyses, and identifying alternate sources of supply.

Data Analytics

202 Group’s data analytics practice always puts the business problem first. Whether the challenge is developing a data-driven human resources strategy, taking cost out of the supply chain, developing robust pricing models, or optimizing operations, we use our industry expertise to find the fastest and most effective data-driven solution.


100x your visibility with our analytics-as-a-service solution.